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Since Barcelona is currently a very touristic city and normally is not that easy to find hotels, it is convenient to make lodging provisions well in advance.

You can request bookings and accommodation information at the management centre KEYTEL >>
If you need additional information, please get in contact with the Organization Committee:
(Hotels) / (other kinds of accommodation)


Reservations on line Hotels with guaranteed availability until finalization of reservation and agreed price
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— Hotel Four Points Diagonal 3*
— Hotel Zenit Barcelona 4*
— Hotel HCC Regente 4*
— Hotel HCC Montblanc 3*
— Hotel HCC Taber 3*
In order to make a reservation, first download the list below with detailed hotels information, and send an email with your preferences to >>

Hotels near CCIB Reservations

Hotels CCIB



Apartments for rental
Listed prices are approximate, for group rental

Apartament Barcelona 300-1000€ per group
Airbnb 150-300€ per group
HomeAway 160-300€ per group
only-apartments 250-350€ per group

Hostels and B&B
— List of hostels and B&B listed per city area, with address, phone, web page and email. >>> PDF
— List of students shelter listed per city area, with address, phone, web page and email. >>> PDF


All activities of the Xth Meeting and VIth International Encounter of the School and the Assemblies will take place at the CCIB, located at about 2000m from Barcelona city center.There is plenty of options to get to the CCIB from any point in the city:
Subway: L4 > Station "El Maresme-Fòrum" >>> Metro map
Bus: Líneas 7, 26, 36, H14, H16. >>> BUS map
Taxi: entre 10 y 20 minutos, entre 7 y 15 €. Múltiples servicios por Teléfono / Whatsapp >>> TAXI
Touristic bus: Green Route (Ruta verde) stops right at the CCIB >>> Bus Turístico map >>> web

Easily locate the CCIB in Google Maps and Google Earth.