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The Advents of the Real and the Psychoanalyst
Xth MEETING of the International Forums of Lacanian Field
The School and the Discourses. What joy do we find in our work?
VIth RENCONTRE international of the School of Psychoanalysis
of the Forums of Lacanian Field [ IF-EPFCL ]
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Twenty years later since the creation of the International Forums of the Lacanian Field, we –the founders and many others– will meet again in Barcelona on the occasion of the Xth Meeting of the IF-SPFLF and the VIth International Encounter of the School. We have some essential elements at our disposal: the impetus of the desire of the International Community, the compromise between the Forum of Barcelona and the other Spanish forums in order that the organization could proceed smoothly and, the title of the Meeting which will serve as an axis for structuring the work of that Community in the meantime.

The Advents of the Real and the Psychoanalyst. This is an enigmatic title because of the semantics of the term “advent”, the use of the plural to express the plurality of the elements that can be real, and also the plurality of the meanings of that term, from “what comes back to the same place” and constitutes an obstacle to well-being, to the real of what can overflow. It is enigmatic also because of the complex relationship between the two terms and the dependence of the second one upon the first. But there is not only that… (complet text) Rosa Escapa and Ramon Miralpeix.


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Bookshop at the Xth Meeting


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In the Xth Meeting that we are going to hold in Barcelona between September 13th and 16th this year, there will be a stand from La Central Bookshop with all the references and novelties in our field. Every association will be free to sell its publications there as well, but as the official bookshop will be in charge of it, some requirements will have to be met. Here are the detailed requirements, so that everyone is informed:

1. The bookshop enterprise will keep 20% of the sales benefit. It must be taken into account that books pay 4% tax in Spain and that quantity will be paid by the bookstore.
2. The bookshop will pay through bank transfer within the weeks following the Congress. Because of that, an account from any country must be provided.
3. Bills of all sales will be delivered, either during the Congress or via email later.
4. The books will be left in custody of the bookstore during the Congress and will be returned by the same means by which they arrived at it.
5. The books can be brought “by hand” or sent to this address: Calle Elisabets 6, Barcelona 08001, España. To the attention of Miquel Riera. In this case, it would be advisable to notify in advance of the shipment.
6. We enclose a form together with this document, which ideally you should fill for all the books sent or brought. That would facilitate a better organization. The form must be sent, before September 5, to the following email address:

For any questions or enquiries, you can contact the following email:
Ramon Miralpeix, Responsible for the Organising Commitee

Scientific Committee
Sandra Berta (Brazil area) >
Rithée Cevasco (Spain area) >
Diego Mautino (Italy area) >
Silvia Migdalek (South America South area) >
Patricia Muñoz (South America North area) >
Susan Schwartz (English speaking area) >
Colette Soler (French speaking area) >

Organising Committee
Jaky Ariztia >
Jorge Chapuis >
Carme Dueñas >
Rosa Escapa (general coordination) >
Ana Martínez >
José Sánchez >
Ramon Miralpeix (general coordination) >
Teresa Trías >

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Prior registration and payment by transfer is required.

We remind that payment via Paypal will be received only from outside Europe.

For organizational reasons there will be no refund after the payment is made.
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The Rendezvous will take place at the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB)

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